The Bunker 69 — Как разблокировать 18+ Патч


The Bunker 69 — Как разблокировать 18+ Патч



This is a comic adventure, where you can become acquainted with four girls – the residents of the bunker. They are surprisingly very pleased with their new guest. Perhaps this is because they’ve never seen anyone from the “surface”? Or is there something else?

The game has been developed with xxxMenshxxx


Hi admin. In Bunker game When I come to basement to fix the Ventilation, the game get error loading “failed to load:img/parallaxes/!vent_2.png”
So what can I do now ?

hello, try to redownload the game from Steam and reinstall patch.

hi adm, i downloaded the patch and did as says there, but still seeing the black screen, like, censored version. any clues?

Hello, are you sure that you unzipped the archive from the link, and not just threw it into the game folder?

i need help with this as well

How does it work its not working for me

same for me i got the same loading error “failed to load: img/parallaxes/!vent_2.png”
and yes i unzipped the archive from the link into the game’s main folder and gave it the permission to make the changes.. please help us resolve the problem! thanks in advance

also i reinstalled and repatched the game but nothing happens

Hello! Try to accept this DLC(and do not use the patch)

“Failed to load: img/parallaxes/!vent_2.png” can you maybe upload this png so we can throw it into games folder? I tried to reinstall game, nothing happens, please help

Hello! Try to accept this DLC(and do not use the patch)

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cant u just upload the file we need?
like that missing filez?

Rename the !vent.rpgm to !vent_2.rpgm in parallaxes

how to change language to English?I can’t seem to find any settings .

whenever I enter a room by the ventilation system, I can’t get out of the room, not by the door, nor by the ventilation system I used to get in (actually, the protagonist says he can enter it from his own room, but I never managed to do that), well, I managed to do the reactor mission by staying in past close time, but now I need the key for another mission and I didn’t got it, because, failing to get out of the room after getting it, I decided to just wait past close time in the reactor room, therefore not getting the key.

Go to your room first and unlok the airlock, use it and you discovered how to come and go

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